Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Kasuals with a K?

Oooooo!!! Could it be in the cards for the final 70's Nightclub Reunion event in 2011? Now that would be pretty darn cool!!!! Here's John Berger's on the scene.

On the Scene
For Sunday, August 29, 2010

By John Berger

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Aug 29, 2010

5. Robin Kimura, left, and Candi Au welcomed Roger Jareza, Nohelani Cypriano and Doug Rivera to the “’70s Nightclub Reunion VIII” Aug. 14 at the Ala Moana Hotel. It was the first time Cypriano performed at Kimura’s popular reunion series; Rivera and his group, Glass Candle, were returnees -- and crowd-pleasers, as always. Nightlife veterans recognize Jareza as an original member of the Kasuals, and hopes are growing the original sextet can play “’70s NR IX” in 2011.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Mike Douglas Show Featuring the Fabulous Krush

Truly a group of Hawaii's favorite sons, the Fabulous Krush had its roots in the plantation town of Waialua on the north shore of the island of Oahu. Beginning as the Exotic 5 the group went on to become the dance band New Experience before becoming the Krush and finally the Fabulous Krush. A great story, a great group of musicians, the Fabulous Krush did what many a local band could only dare to dream of. The Fabulous Krush, founded by leader Edwin Ramones!!! Cool!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cool picture courtesy of "Mid-Life Crisis" blogger Rodney Lee

If the faces in this picture look familiar they should. Here's a very cool gem of a picture from Rodney Lee's personal collection of stuff. This is a picture of the group "Talisman", a group that laid the foundation for the Hawaii band "Natural High". I may be wrong on some of the names here but front row from left to right is keyboardist Dean Minatoya (not 100% sure), bassist and bandleader Pat Diresta, lead vocalist Kenneth Uyeno. Back row from left to right, trombonist/percussionist Jensen Tamanaha, lead vocalist/harp Roy Yonashiro, trumpeteer Richard Field, drummer Brian Shiroma, and finally on guitar/trumpet/vocals Edwin Salaguban. This picture brings back memories for me especially of my classmate from either kindergarten or 1st grade Edwin Salaguban. Just about two weeks ago my good friend and fellow musician Aaron Aranita called me. He'd been looking at the obituaries and happened to see a name. "Mike, I found this Edwin Salaguban from Waipahu in the obituaries. Is this the Edwin we know?" I checked as well and sure enough it was Edwin. Edwin was born one day after me, the same year. Over the years I had lost touch with him, but I remember the days growing up as kids in the same class, causing all kinds of trouble, playing in the school band and the same band "Friends" in the formative years. Edwin was a true talent, a very good artist, talented guitarist/songwriter/singer and trumpet player as well. I look back at the some pretty funny and fond memories with Edwin. We had our differences growing up as friends and school mates, but nothing that kids don't go thru, but he'll always be cool in my book!!!! Rest in peace Edwin!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Maybe This is What the 70's Nightclub Reunion series is and was all about.....

Here's something that came Robin's way via email to Doug Rivera lead singer from the group Glass Candle from someone who attended last Saturday's 70's Nightclub Reunion. Not sure if this should be posted here but then again maybe this is just what this whole series is and was about. When this all started the premise was and still remains to this day that we do this for the right reason. i think Richard Martines' email to Doug Rivera hits it on the head, in fact I think it's pretty darn cool!!!!

Subject: Fwd: Aloha

Hey Guys!
Thought I would copy and paste this letter I recieved. I don't know
about you, but it warmed my heart!
Doug & Lynne

Last Saturday in Honolulu

From: Richard Martines

Sent: Thu 8/19/2010 4:50 PM

Last Saturday night at the 70"s Reunion show was a fun night I will
always remember.

I graduated from Iolani in 1973 and Glass Candle was always my
favorite band. I loved it when they were booked for our Student
Council dances. Later I would spend many late nights at Dukes dancing
and being entertained. For all of these years I've had fond memories
of the band and whenever I got together with old friends and talked
about dances and clubs, I would always bring up your group. Last week
I chanced on the article in the Friday entertainment section of the
Star Advertiser about Noelani playing with her band at the 70's
Reunion. About the fifth paragraph down, when I saw the mention of
Glass Candle being one of the acts, my mind went "WHAT! GLASS
CANDLE?*&(%$#@^!+." I read through the article carefully and didn't
get any more information about your appearance, but immediately showed
the article to my wife and said that Saturday night we HAD TO go to
the show.

Beyond my wildest expectations! That's how great you guys were
performing that night. We showed up on time not knowing where you
would be scheduled in the rotation, and we enjoyed the first two sets
a lot. All of the music we heard that night was great, but when your
set began, my wife and I made sure to be on the dance floor and we
stayed there for the entire set. The group amazed me by being so
together after all of these years. It must be such a rush for you to
be together again. The vibe from the dance floor was that you guys
were on top your game, and having a great time. I have a great big
smile on my face right now thinking about the performance that night.

My wife and I hadn't been to an prior 70's Reunions, we've been out of
things raising two children. But the children are now old enough for
Mom and Dad to go out and have a good time once in a while. We HOPE
you will get together for another Reunion show and we will keep our
eyes and ears tuned to be there when you do.

Richard Martines

Monday, August 16, 2010

The 70's Nightclub Reunion VIII thru the eyes of KnightMoves808

Superman (Supes) Irwin has his own website which chronicles the happenings in Hawaii. One feature on Supes website is commentary by KnightMoves808. KnightMoves, who with his lady can be seen at the Nightclub Reunion events cutting up the dance floor, tells it like it is thru his perspective. He cuts no slack, says what is on his mind, like it or not. Here's KnightMoves808's commentary of the 70's Nightclub Reunion VIII.

70's NCR Commentary: 8/14/2010
ISA Forum Moderator

70's NCR Commentary: 8/14/2010

First & foremost we would like to humbly thank those that made this possible. Special hollahs goes to Supes and his posse for their extraordinary efforts for bringing this event up close and personal to many around the globe. Then of course to bruddah Mike Nacupay for the sound system

Not much has changed this time around 'cept for the look and layout which made the place far more maneuverable to get around. Dance floor remains far too small to accommodate a crowd of this magnitude. Restrained only by a budget in which gets incrementally difficult to manage let alone provide more sq footage. So Candy & Robin make do with what they can work with and so far its an outstanding job.

Band line ups were up a notch in caliber and the transition has now become much smoother. A couple of Rock songs snuck in....thank goodness NO Mustang Sally. In all my daze of disco I have yet to recall a Rock song being played. nuff said on where I stand with that

The energy this time around is not as high as the previously held events. Certainly not the fault of any individual or thing, its the familiarity that becomes rather mundane. The thing to going to mass. Really don't want to be there but best to show face and support. Feel me? Many are starting to become less enchanted with the novelty and feel it more as a ritual. Their sense of self gained by validating an era filled with their finest moments. Re-living those endorphin rushes of a time fast fleeting I dare say it? For good. Polyester and platforms have given way to the 80's resurgence. Like it or not the 70's were a mere prelude to greater things to come in the next decade. The 80's continue to be the premier dance scene. Gone were the glimma and was hamma time. Thrilla moves on the floor and not as much focus on the look-at-me clothing. Baggier and loose fitting club wear replaced the crotch-hugging-wedge-crawling attire so one can busta move. Ain't no party till y'allz hit 8,000 RPM and dem soles are on fire. In fact it was reported that the greatest liquor sales in dance club history were in the 80's. Get the connection?

Here are a few comments heard and/or sent:

"eh PowerPoint no sound so good like last time"

" ...that Berger guy...does he ever write about stuff he actually does or did? Never saw him once on the dance floor!"

"GreenWood was the best band tonite"

"...where was the 70's spirit of dressing the part?? WTF a guy with slippers and another one with an aloha shirt & jeans??"

"Drinks were weak ass"

"Had a great time....not like the ones before but at least more danceable tunes"

" wea all da trivia contest stuff...good fun dat was..."

"We should have clips shown on Tiny TV"

"...frick man, how come pleny folks get da same seats over and over??"

In closing, the time is right now to bring it to a close. It was a great run and I truly feel next year's last should go all out for the bang. Need to line up more sponsors with the caliber of Budweiser, Red Bull and so on. If ever they needed help in doing so....helloooooo many of us work for those companies and they'd be more than happy to comp products/services in exchange for promos!

Much alohaz out to our visitors that made this part of their vacation plans. Thank you kindly for your keeping in touch and spreading the word

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tomorrow night, the 70's Nightclub Reunion VIII

Is it tomorrow already? My how time does fly, but yes, number VIII at the Ala Moana Hotel in the Hibiscus Ballroom and Garden Lanai. John Berger knows Hawaii's local scene like no other, here's his write up as we go down memory lane with local diva Nohelani Cypriano. It's gonna be a cool night in paradise when Nohelani and the other four bands hit the stage once again!!!!

'70s club scene revisited
A reunion show will bring together Cypriano, Graue and Golden Throat

By John Berger

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Aug 13, 2010

Also on the bill is Greenwood.
More Photos

Nohelani Cypriano debuted as a solo artist in 1977 when she and Dennis Graue recorded "Lihue." The song won a spot on Ron Jacobs' "Homegrown II" album, and that first hit was followed by a Hoku Award-winning album. She's been a high-profile solo artist ever since.

But tomorrow night Cypriano and Graue will recreate an earlier chapter in their lives at Robin Kimura's '70s Nightclub Reunion VIII at the Ala Moana Hotel.

Back in the '70s, before "Lihue," they played the club circuit with a band named Golden Throat.

It will be the first time in more than 30 years that they've performed as Golden Throat. Making it happen wasn't easy.

"For this show the original members of Golden Throat will be Dennis, Phil Bennett and I," Cypriano said during a quick telephone call last week, running late after a recording session went two hours overtime.


Where: Ala Moana Hotel Hibiscus Ballroom I and II
When: 7:30 p.m. tomorrow

Cost: $35, $50 reserved seating

Info: 944-4330 (ask for Candy Au) or

The three old-time members will represent the much larger number of musicians who passed through the group. Cypriano says at least one other member was unable to commit due to scheduling conflicts. Therefore, by necessity, a couple of sidemen will sit in as she leads the group in a set that will include rarely heard songs from her hit album.
Glass Candle, Greenwood, Power Point and Asian Blend are also performing in what will be five hours of solid gold nostalgia for veterans of the Waikiki club scene of the '70s.

Kimura has set a high standard of authenticity throughout the "Nightclub Reunion" series by presenting only groups that actually played in Waikiki in the '70s or early '80s -- in other words, no "oldies acts" or pick up groups. And, if the surviving members aren't willing to reunite for the evening, Kimura won't accept substitutes.

With Golden Throat, Kimura knew that Cypriano and Graue were always the core of the group. With Bennett as a third old-time member, they made the cut.

Ironically, perhaps, Cypriano says Golden Throat wasn't formed to be a pop "cover band" playing local nightclubs.

"When Dennis and I first formed the group, we knew that we were going to eventually do a record with Michael Cord," she recalls, " (and) Michael's vision was piecing together a group that had rock-style original music, so we were writing a lot of original music."

The result was a self-titled album of original music on Irv Pinensky's Trim label. At that time the roster was Cypriano (vocals/keyboards), Graue (vocals/keyboards/acoustic guitar), Cord (vocals/bass/dobro/ slide guitar), John Dileo (guitar/slide guitar) and "new drummer" Travis Fullerton. Several other musicians contributed to the final recordings.

"That was the first Golden Throat," she said. "When that band kind of disbanded, we had a lot of other musicians who came into the group, and then because we were doing the nightclub scene, we had to change from the rock style we had and transition into doing more of the cover tunes."

Golden Throat disbanded for good around the time that Cypriano and Graue began planning her first album.

"Lihue" was a calculated gamble, Cypriano recalls -- and it paid off.

"Everybody was doing their normal thing and playing it safe. We tried to combine nostalgic Polynesian songs with R&B and make a new island sound. ... it was different, and I'm happy that we did that, because we didn't want to play it safe. We just wanted to do what we were about."

LOOKING back still further, Cypriano met Graue when she was a member of Rock Candy, he was playing with Johnny's Rock Society, and both groups were in a battle of the bands.

Rock Candy -- a quartet of female singer/musicians -- was the last of 22 bands to perform. They won.

At the time, Graue said the band had an edge because the members were wearing hot pants.

"Orange hot pants with white boots," she says with a chuckle. "But it was the sound too (that won for us). They put us on last because the group before had to help reset the stage for the next group -- I felt confident, but sitting there all night watching 21 bands before us go on, I was a wreck by the time we got on."

Cypriano and Graue got to know each other better when the two groups performed on Kauai.

"We became friends in music, later married (and then divorced), and we still continue till today to play music.

"The friendship is wonderful. ... his talents are so good on the music side, and the combination really works."

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